Holistic Psychiatric Services

LGBTQ Therapy
Located in southwest Portland, Samadhi Psychiatric seeks to deliver psychiatric care from a therapeutic holistic perspective. We strive to provide sensitive care to all and are particularly equipped to handle the LGBTQ community. We take a collaborative approach and see ourselves as your consultant to better health and well-being.

Portland Psychiatric Services and Medication Management

Are you struggling under the weight of a mental health burden or pattern of behavior that you feel is holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling, productive, and creative existence?  We understand that asking for help can be the hardest part.

At Samadhi, we believe each of us is so much more than our identified mental or physical health problems. However, sometimes a problem can draw so much attention that we forget our life’s grander vision and lose direction. We see it as our mission at Samadhi to help our clients regain more awareness of the bigger picture of their lives in an effort to discover a prescription for a better way forward.

Psychiatric Services

We take an eclectic approach to treatment which includes medication management combined with psychotherapeutic interventions, including psychodynamic, hypnotherapy, motivational, person-centered, and cognitive/behavioral.

Mr. Erik Morris can help those seeking assistance with the following:

  • LGBTQ Sensitive Care
  • Depression
  • Bipolar
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • Associative Disorder
  • Psychosis/perceptual disturbance
  • Identity Issues
  • Existential Malaise
  • Obsessive-Compulsive
  • Emotional intimacy in relationships
  • Psychotherapeutic interventions

Are you or a loved one suffering from one or more mental health problems like the ones listed above?  Give us a text or a call and we can guide you through our screening process to determine if we might be a good fit for your needs.

LGBTQ Therapy

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9900 SW Greenburg Rd, Suite 205, Portland, OR 97223